Directors Redundancy Pay

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Directors Redundancy Pay

The average claim value is £9,000

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So what is Directors Redundancy Pay?

When a company enters insolvency, employees can claim statutory entitlements such as redundancy pay, holiday pay, notice pay and unpaid wages from the National Insurance Fund via the Redundancy Payments Service.

What is not so well known is that Directors may also be entitled to redundancy pay and other statutory entitlements if they meet the specified criteria.

What can I claim?

Claims should usually be made within six months of the liquidation, although this can be extended to 12 months in some circumstances.

You can claim for redundancy pay (the first £30K of which is tax free), unpaid salary, holiday pay and notice pay. There are designated upper limits that can be claimed for each of the categories.

The average claim value is £9,000 and this is often welcome income to Directors facing difficult times as well as possible insolvency fees.

What to do next

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Our service prepares you for the liquidation process in advance

We’ll guide you through the Director’s redundancy pay process for free and we’ll help you formulate your personal survival strategy that:

Details how you can avoid wrongful trading and the personal risks associated with it.

Alerts you to the dangers of creditor led compulsory liquidation.

Covers the significance of your director’s loan account and how to minimise your liability if it is overdrawn.

Clarifies what to do in the event of an adverse report to the Insolvency Service on your conduct as a Director.

Provides guidance if you have issues with a Bounce Back Loan or CBILS.

Guides you through the process and out the other end with key business support services for those business owners and entrepreneurs looking to start again.

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